Exactly how to mobilize for the Overhead Squat
Doing overhead squats today?  Check this out.  We put together a quick guide that will show you what mobility drills you should do specific to YOUR limitations.  It's free, download it now.
Overhead Squats are Harder than Diamonds
We know.  We've been there.  You push the bar overhead, squat, only to be no-repped because you can't get below parallel.

Why you ask?  Why can't your hips obey your brain?  Why can't that hip crease be just a little bit further up?

Mobility.  That's why.

After this guide helps you figure out what mobility you should be doing you'll be taken to a quick video demo.

So if you're confused about the setup or technique, don't sweat it, we got you.

Use this on a computer or on your mobile devices while you're actually in the gym.

What you're getting is actually just a piece of our upcoming mobility course Movement Specific Mobility for Squats and Deadlifts.  So check it out now, and if you dig it, there is much more on the way!
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